Company FAQ’s

Q: Can my child be a member of more than one company?
A: Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! Many of the foundational technique classes for the companies cross over, so adding on more companies would not be much extra time or money commitment. If your child is interested in multiple companies, please feel free to take advantage of our programming.

Q: Can my child participate in an opportunity offered to a specific company if they are not a member of that company? (i.e. perform in front of a casting agent without being a member of Lights, Camera, Stage!)
A: Unfortunately not. Any opportunity given to a company takes a good amount of training and preparation, which they will be receiving in their weekly company classes.

Q: My child is entering 3rd or 8th grade, can they audition for the next level of companies?
A: Our companies are designed very specifically for abilities based upon several things, age being one of them. It would be a disservice to your child to move them up, as they would not be able to get everything out of a company that they would if they waited for one year.

Q: Will there still be the opportunity for solos/duos/trios?
A: Yes! In whichever company he or she is in, the solo/duo/trio will be showcased in the opportunity provided to them (Lights, Camera, Stage! Dancers will perform their piece in front of the agent, Commercial dancers will showcase their piece in front of the industry professionals at the convention, etc.) This offers them a higher level of recognition from any opportunity they participate in.

Q: I keep seeing this Elements class! What is it?
A: Read more about it here.