Who is eligible for a duet/trio?

  • Any dancer who has been a member of the Allegro Performance Companies for one season

Who is eligible for a solo?

  • Any dancer who has already done a duo/trio with the Allegro Performance Companies

How many solos/duos/trios may I do for the season?

  • All dances will be approved by Krissie, she will let you know how many you are allowed to do for the season so you will be successful with your dances and not be overwhelmed

What does this involve?

  • You are given 3 hours of instruction from a DMA teacher for your dance. The time with the teacher will be one-on-one and will be used specifically to teach you the routine for your solo/duet/trio. You are responsible for the memorization and retention of your choreography.

Do I have to take summer classes at DMA in order to do a solo, duet or trio? 

  • Yes. It is imperative to maintain your technique over the summer months. You are required to purchase an 8-punch class card for the entire summer. You must attend at least 8 hours of technique classes at DMA.

What is expected of me throughout this process?

  • It is expected that you will know the choreography that was taught to you at the previous class. There is not a lot of time to teach the dance, so it is your responsibility to practice the dance in between classes and know what has been previously taught so you can move on and learn more at the next rehearsal.
  • After the dance has been taught to you, it is ultimately YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to practice it and perfect it.
  • There will be cleaning sessions offered throughout the year if you choose to sign up for them.
  • Please bring in a video camera to record the rehearsals if you think it may be hard to remember the dance.