Dancer Self Care

A dancer’s life is filled with routines and rituals that help them work and perform to the best of their ability every day. Trifecta Dancer and Dance and Music Academy teacher Joanna Paul gives us her insights on the importance of prioritizing dancer self-care, and shares the preparations she believes to be most beneficial in her day-to-day life as a dancer.

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We are so proud to watch our alumni grow their talents across their communities, and grateful to see a parallel between their character, and the values we still hold with our young dancers today.

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Teacher Spotlight-Mr. Irfan

Irfan watches his students go through the same discovery process he did when he was younger. “It’s a process all dancers go through,” said Irfan. “You see (the dancers) slowly incorporate this urban, street style movement into their natural freestyle.” Irfan also expressed the pride he feels as a teacher. “All the dancers at DMA are supremely talented and good at what they do.”

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