Presentation of thoughts in the Southwest

This conference gave Krissie the opportunity to share our studio’s message with a truly diverse group of like-minded individuals, and it opened up discussion about the science behind our own work and the work of other dance studios.

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Alumni Event Kickoff

Our college intern and DMA alum, Allison Berg, is working to create a connected alumni group. "We are all at different places in our lives right now, but we've all shared DMA as a common part of life". Allison believes bringing some of our girls back together will not only be fun for them, but mutually beneficial for our highschool dancers. We are planning events to bring our alumni back together, and to connect alumni with current high schoolers.

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In the past decade of dance, our dancers’ wonderful families have made DMA into the supportive community it is today. We’ve always had this incredible support system, and the energy of our dancers’ parents and their willingness to help is contagious. Krissie and Carrie have utilized this positive energy to create a new group that will organize and mobilize a positive, collaborative initiative.

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