An Open Letter to the Communities We Serve

It is my firm belief that we, as artists, have the responsibility to serve as a catalyst for social change. Throughout history, the arts have served as a reflection of the thoughts and ideals of the times. We are no different today and have the unique opportunity to create beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking art that can motivate community members to create positive results. I hope to do this in my student population as well as in my professional dance company.

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Empowerment and Opportunity

This narrative was the catalyst for many events this past season. It served as the foundation to a performance we were awarded to do at Anita's Way in Times Square for three nights. Twenty dancers, parents, and myself travelled to New York City last April to deliver our message of "The Power of Beauty". We performed our 50-minute show eight times for hundreds of people. I was also able to reset the show's finale on 50 dancers from around the nation at Cathy Roe's Ultimate Dance National Finals last July. The finale was also performed as a part of a two night professional dance showcase this summer.

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The Power of Beauty

Over the summer, one of my advanced students and I had the opportunity to meet with award-winning Singer/Songwriter Sara Groves. We danced to some of her original songs and were able to hear the inspiration and thought processes behind the lyrics. We established a strong connection with her and have plans to collaborate in the future.

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