In the past decade of dance, our dancers’ wonderful families have made DMA into the supportive community it is today. We’ve always had this incredible support system, and the energy of our dancers’ parents and their willingness to help is contagious. Krissie and Carrie have utilized this positive energy to create a new group that will organize and mobilize a positive, collaborative initiative.

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National Finals

While building relationships with other studios, our students’ relationships with each other grew even more. Nationals was filled with friendship, empowering moments, and connecting over our common love for dance.

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Trifecta Dance Collective Intern Program

The Intern Program’s main goal is to give high-school aged DMA dancers exposure to the professional dance community. We are excited to see our interns grow in this upcoming season, and are proud to know that this experience helps form more adaptable, versatile, and confident dancers, as well as individuals.

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