Blog Entries from August 2017

Year of Service: Highlighting ElderStories

Over the course of these next few months, our dancers will learn new dances and train with our Collaborative Community Celebrations in mind. This event will be fueled by the three separate community projects our Groundbreaker Leaders and DMA staff decided on over the summer: our Honor Project, celebrating veterans and their service, the Metamorphosis Seminar, an event to encourage and empower young dancers throughout the Chicagoland dance community, and ElderStories, a project of interviews connecting our dancers to the elderly community. Our various levels of performance company will take on these projects, in the hopes that they can form relationships with members of our community who may have different lifestyles, histories, and upbringings.

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Presentation of thoughts in the Southwest

This conference gave Krissie the opportunity to share our studio’s message with a truly diverse group of like-minded individuals, and it opened up discussion about the science behind our own work and the work of other dance studios.

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