The Dance and Music Academy (DMA) has worked to integrate the art we produce with the communities we reside in for over a decade. We have prioritized our mission statement of “empowering young minds through the arts”, and have strived to infuse those words in every aspect of our teaching.

Today, our mission has evolved to empowering all minds through our artistic endeavors. Building strong dancers has been, and always will be, a priority of our studio. We hold the firm belief that dancers, and other artists alike, possess the ability to use their talent to impact the lives of those around them in their community. We hope to make art a constant in peoples’ lives, specifically make our own works more accessible to many diverse audiences. We believe that through our dancers and the works they create, we as artists can serve as the catalysts for social change.

In the past decade of dance, our dancers’ wonderful families have made DMA into the supportive community it is today. We’ve always had this incredible support system, and the energy of our dancers’ parents and their willingness to help is contagious. Krissie and Carrie have utilized this positive energy to create a new group that will organize and mobilize a positive, collaborative initiative.

We are happy to introduce the Trifecta Groundbreakers, a group of DMA parents, past and present, who have joined together to connect our dancers with their communities. The Groundbreakers bring their individual skills together to collaborate on projects in the community that can bridge the gap between dancers and their fellow citizens.

In her announcing of the Trifecta Groundbreakers, Krissie explained, “We have formed the Trifecta Groundbreakers, a group of like-minded individuals coming together to pursue this collaborative effort. We hope that Groundbreakers will allow our strong DMA adult community members to be a part of this wave of collaboration and positivity.”  Who better to collaborate with than those who’ve experienced our studio’s mission firsthand, the parents of our dancers?

Currently, the Groundbreakers and their committees are working on a variety of projects, including work with veterans and elders of Glenview as well as creating a one-of-kind event for our dancers to grow and be empowered with other like-minded artists crossing multiple platforms. If you are interested in joining our collaboration, contact Krissie at We look forward to the future collaborations and growing our community in artistry and positivity!