National Finals

This past week, over 50 of our Performance Company dancers came together in Mason, Ohio to perform at Cathy Roe’s Ultimate Dance National Competition. The week was filled with much rehearsing, dancer bonding, silly moments, new traditions, and most of all, seeing the outcome of this year’s hard work on the stage one last time. We are so incredibly proud of the dedication, professionalism, and care our dancers showed for themselves, their teammates, and fellow dancers from across the nation.

Twenty-five of our dancers were selected to perform with one of the six Cathy Roe National Companies. Krissie Odegard Geye and Carrie Patterson directed the Petite Elite and Heart and Soul companies, setting their choreography on a variety of dancers. Our students formed relationships with dancers and teachers from across the nation, and performed in two final showcases at the end of the week.

Three dancers shared the best parts of their Nationals experience. McKenna and Avery, two members of this year’s Cathy Roe Fashion Show, spoke of how these experiences were unique to any other competition. They enjoyed collaborating alongside their peers, rather than just competing in the same division. “It is really great to be meeting all these talented fellow dancers. Despite being from different studios, we are all working towards the same goal of creating a great Fashion Show”, McKenna stated. Avery agreed, mentioning how both dancing and competing with girls from other studios creates a relationship between studios. “We learned the dances over video on our own, and then we brought it all together in Ohio. It was cool to see that while each studio has their own style, we can still all dance together”. The Fashion Show dancers performed their show twice, modeling dancewear from all different genres of dance and gaining experience in commercial dance.

Sophie Philbrick got the opportunity to dance with Heart & Soul, a National Company directed by our own Carrie Paterson and Krissie Odegard Geye. Heart & Soul produces a beautiful concert piece every year, and this year, Krissie set her piece “Humanity Rewritten”. Sophie, having danced the piece all year with the Trifecta Youth Company, talked about her experience performing the piece with the new cast. “It is really different to do this piece for Heart & Soul. I am used to doing this dance with girls from DMA, so this is a really good learning experience”. Sophie mentioned how she felt it was very rewarding to do such a special dance with dancers from across the nation.

Our DMA famiies grew closer during this long week of competition, rehearsals, and showcases. From pool parties, to dinners, to practicing in the hotel, our dancers shared many fun experiences and truly bonded. “Being all together for a whole week, we are all becoming even better friends. After someone dances we go give each other hugs. It’s a very supportive environment!”, McKenna and Avery stated. While building relationships with other studios, our students’ relationships with each other grew even more. Nationals was filled with friendship, empowering moments, and connecting over our common love for dance. We are so grateful that our dancers had the chance to grow as a team in such a positive environment.