New Year, New Experiences

This week, DMA students will return to technique class and begin our 2017-2018 season. After a summer filled with amazing new performance opportunities, we are excited for a fresh start with new classes, goals, and community collaborations. From integrating our new Elements Course into our curriculum, to beginning plans for our annual Nutcracker Performance, our teachers and dancers are ready to take this year on full force. We talked with Joanna Paul and Beth Netzly, two of our DMA teachers, about their hopes and goals for the upcoming dance season.

Throughout her years as Ballet Mistress at DMA, Beth has always possessed a contagious energy for each new dance season. This year proves to be no exception. Beth looks forward to teaching in our reformatted system of classes, comprised of both the typical ballet technique classes and our new Elements Class. “We’ve added the Elements Class as an outlet to hammer home all those extra corrections ands points that oftentimes don’t get personally addressed in technique class,” remarked Beth. The class allows for each unique dancer to receive more one on one training, a pertinent part of ballet training that oftentimes is limited due to class size and length.
Elements will include more variations, stretch & strength work, and other exercises to sharpen each dancers’ own abilities.

Beth has always focused her teaching on creating stronger, smarter dancers. This year, she plans to emphasize individual and group growth. Oftentimes dancers can get stuck in the routine of class, and a new season creates a reset, allowing for a strong re-entry into training. Our dancers are at the maturity and ability level that class means much more than just rehearsing. “We are focusing on how to really use your muscles, how to take corrections and really process everything in a class,” said Beth. “Everyone comes back to the studio after summer with a clean slate and fresh perspective. We get to set ourselves on the right track at the beginning.” Beth also will continue to encourage her students to track their growth and write down their corrections, creating an altogether more conscious and productive class experience. Beth is excited to push towards personal and class goals, and start her students on the right track this season.

Joanna will be teaching a wide range of classes from fundamental and intermediate levels of ballet and modern, advanced jazz, and foundations and debut classes. She too is ready to take on a brand new year of dance. Especially at the beginning of the year, we will be focusing on clear alignment, placement, and body awareness,” remarked Joanna. “I also want to emphasize giving full value to each movement and dancing the transitions.” Joanna loves the new school year because it gives her a chance to witness a new energy in her students. The dynamics and energy in the room for each new class are so unique and it is exciting to become familiar with each class’s personality. “I love all the potential I see walk through the door, and getting excited with students as we recognize how much they have grown and what new goals are on the horizon,” stated Joanna. She is also especially excited to watch her classes grow in confidence and empowerment over the course of the coming year. “I want to encourage my students to believe in themselves, step out of their comfort zones and support their classmates,” Joanna said. “We as a staff strive not only to train up strong dancers, but also future leaders and people of strong character.”

We are proud to have such incredible staff dedicated to their students and their craft. Here’s to a great new year!