Presentation of thoughts in the Southwest

Summer has brought exciting new opportunities to our dance faculty and students! Our owner Krissie and very own student Kaleigh De la Cruz spent the past week in New Mexico for the “International Dance Science and Pedagogy” Conference. The Conference, which was held at New Mexico State University (NMU) from July 26-29th, brings educators and artists from all over the nation together to learn today’s latest studies on the art and science of teaching dance.

NMU has described this conference as a unique event that brings together “the world’s leading dance scientists and educators”, one of those artists being our very own Krissie. Back in the fall, Krissie was asked to attend this prestigious conference as a guest presenter, speaking to educators from all around the country about the dance mission she has committed herself and her studio to for the past decade, and her choreographic visions, specifically her original curriculum, “Empowering Young Minds”. Kaleigh, a long time student and leader in our studio’s performance company, got the unique experience of helping Krissie all week as her student assistant, demonstrating the choreography and style she has learned under Krissie’s teaching this past year.

Krissie’s presentation shared her experience as an educator in the dance world, as well as the visions and beliefs that have been put into action to form her mission and studio in the past decade. One of her strongest priorities has always been to connect the art we create to the community we reside in: to not only share our craft with those around us, but to integrate with diverse audiences, embedding our values and passion in the lives of those who aren’t often touched by art. The conference audience got a look into Krissie’s creative process, a process that has formed the supportive, loving, service oriented community here at the Dance and Music Academy. This process forms relationships through art with ALL peoples of our communities, and our goal is to actively and consciously bring dance to those our work would not normally reach. This conference gave Krissie the opportunity to share our studio’s message with a truly diverse group of like-minded individuals, and it opened up discussion about the science behind our own work and the work of other dance studios.

While we are proud of the work we do here at the studio, we are even more proud to know that our endeavors have been shared with such a wonderful audience. The teachers and dancers at the “International Dance Science and Pedagogy” Conference exemplified dedication to their craft and immense interest towards each conference event. The convention left individuals inspired, motivated to create art, and fueled by the knowledge of artistic science. We are so happy Krissie and Kaleigh got the opportunity to share our mission with the dance community.