Recital 2017: A Celebration

This past weekend, the DMA dancers participated in the 2017 recital line-up, consisting of two casts of the shows “Swinging on a Star”, “Storybook Adventures”, and “Coppelia”. Each time they took the stage, they brought new and versatile movement to their audiences. After a week filled with many dress rehearsals and six recitals, dancers have expressed their excitement and willingness to get back on stage and do it all over again if they had the chance.

Megan Sullivan, a junior in high school and member of the Encore Company as well as a Trifecta Dance Collective Intern, shared why she loved each minute of this year’s recital experience. Having been a DMA dancer since 2006, Megan has worked her way through the levels of performance company, starting as young member looking up to older dancers and soon becoming one of the studio’s major youth leaders. Though she has experienced countless performance opportunities, this year’s recitals have stuck out as one of the most positive dance moments.

“The dynamic of this week is different than any other,” Megan stated. She described how recital brings a refreshing experience to her dance life. “Recital is one of those unique performances where everyone around you is happy to simply be dancing together. You are only in competition with yourself to be the best you can be, and all your fellow dancers are excited to showcase what we’ve worked so hard for all year”.

While helping or dancing in each recital, Megan got to see the excitement all ages had for this weekend’s performances. In the “Swinging on a Star” shows, she witnessed some young dancers participate in their first ever recital, under the direction of Joanna Paul. In the “Storybook Adventures” performances, she and the other members of the Trifecta Youth Company performed “Humanity Rewritten”, a full-length piece in which Megan is on stage dancing for eight of the ten minutes. Performers must maintain their technique and stamina while simultaneously expressing the dance’s story and message. Megan expressed her thrill to have another chance to perform this unique piece, especially at recital where there is such a variety of audience members. “Dancing on stage for that extended amount of time is a whole different feeling. You have to spread out your energy while still working hard and all together striving to look effortless. I definitely have been able to build up my stamina more and more each time we perform.”

The dancers finished off their weekend with two ballet performances of  “Coppelia”, directed by Beth Netzly. Rehearsing and performing an original ballet builds technique, endurance, and incredible experience for dancers. Younger dancers seemed in awe of the older girls en pointe performing their variations, while the older dancers reminisced of their first recitals and how far they have come.

Throughout all six recitals, the atmosphere remained supportive. During each recital, dancers could be seen in the wings, cheering on their fellow dancers and smiling at their successes. Megan reflected on this positive environment. “Everyone cares so much. You want your friends to do as best as they can. The teachers put so much effort into all of this: the choreography, the relationships with the dancers, everything. You can just tell at recital… there is such a supportive and happy atmosphere.”

After nine months of hard work, our studio family brings everything together in our recitals to celebrate. The recital is the cumulation of long nights at the studio, countless extra hours practicing, supportive parents and staff, and the challenges our dancers have overcome. Every week of hard work in class led up to showcasing it all for our recitals. What a wonderful weekend of celebration;  a celebration of our dancers, teachers, parents, and the pure love we all have for our dance community. We are happy to have had such successful 2017 recitals, and we cannot wait to see what is in store for next year! Happy Summer!