Senior Reflections

As the new school year and dance season begins, we look forward to taking part in our many traditions and experiencing the “firsts” of rehearsals and performances once again. Yet it is hard to believe that for three senior dancers Dani Rink, Daryn Macasieb, and Megan Sullivan, this season holds the last of all their “firsts” with DMA. From late night company rehearsal to showcases, from competitions to recitals, these girls have grown throughout their years at DMA, and it is unbelievable to think they share one last year with us. These girls are definite natural leaders for their younger company members. This year is filled with exciting new opportunity, and we are happy to have one last incredible year with Dani, Daryn, and Megan.

Dani has danced with DMA for four years, and this year she is involved in Encore, Commercial Encore, and the Trifecta Internship. Though she feels excited for all aspects of dance in her final year with DMA, she looks forward most to the company trip to New York in April, and performing at competitions. Dani described her growth at DMA over the years as two-fold: as both a person and a dancer. Dani believes her training at DMA has exposed her to many styles, and allowed her to get the most out of dance training. “This year my goal is to learn how to adapt other people's choreography to my own personal style as well as learning how to embrace other styles,” Dani stated.

Though this final season may fly by, Dani has set goals and is determined to grow as a dancer, all the while embracing her final days with DMA “The biggest lesson I have learned from being at DMA is that different is good,” Dani said. “We aren't like other studios in many ways, we stick to our values and ways of doing things and we don't conform to the ways of others.”

Megan has been dancing with us since she was five years old. For the past 12 years, she has been a constant leader to her fellow dancers. This season, she looks most forward to the Encore and Trifecta end of the year shows, as well as to work with the Trifecta Dance Collective as a protégé. “Being put into an atmosphere with these professionals has been such an inspiring growing experience,” said Megan. “They are all amazing mentors and role models to me who have helped to guide me on the path toward my future.” Megan feels she has “grown exponentially in confidence and artistry over the years”, a testament to her teachers and the experiences she has had at the DMA. “A goal that I have for myself this year is to improve my performance quality and continue to let the audience connect with me each time I perform,” said Megan. She is thrilled to make the most of her senior year with DMA.

“One of the biggest lessons I have learned at DMA is to be true to who I am and to be open and accepting of others, and that is because of the relationships I have formed with the students and staff,” stated Megan. “I can safely say that I have made lifelong friends with people of all different ages because of the supportive and positive environment that is created here. DMA is such a loving community, and I am forever grateful to be a part of it.”

Megan, Dani, and Daryn’s love and dedication to the studio do not go unnoticed. Though already role models to their peers and younger dancers, we cannot wait to watch the three of them grow in their senior year. We are so thrilled to share and celebrate one final year of dance with these ladies. Let’s make it a great year!