Ballet Program

Our original graded curriculum follows a structured sequence of training milestones intended to increase student’s technical skills, stamina and discipline in accordance with their age and physical development. Our staff embraces traditional ballet principles and incorporates elements of the French, Italian and Russian training methods. Intermediate and Advanced students are encouraged to take Pre‐Pointe/Pointe. Pre‐Pointe/Pointe classes require enrollment in 2 ballet classes and 2 Pre‐Pointe/Pointe classes each week.Pre pointe/pointe

Our pre-pointe classes focus on the strength and core alignment that is necessary for a dancer to successfully dance en pointe. We work in conjunction with Dr. Carrie Jaworski and the Northshore Physical Therapy staff to ensure that dancers are physically ready to dance en pointe.

Our pointe program takes the dancers through the necessary skills and exercises that are needed to dance en pointe safely and successfully.

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