Sofia C

I love DMA becuase they have high expectations of each person. DMA pushes me to not onlydo my best, but to continue to improve.

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Sophia b testimonial

Sophia B

Dancing at DMA feeds my heart because I am with my friends and having fun, my body because it is a form of exercise, my mind because I am thinking about the dance moves, and my soul because everyone is being quiet. It feels like I am a new person when I leave the studio.

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Isa testimonial

Isa S

My goal is to lengthen my arms. All of of my teachers help me do it. They care enough about me to discuss this when they are together and have a unified goal in all my classes to help me.

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Selma testimonial

Selma F

I like DMA because my teachers are so nice and fun and if we are blue they make us happy. They know what is right for us.

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Colleen testimonial

Colleen U

I love DMA because it's the place that I have awesome new friends and I can be myself. I can always depend on DMA to be a happy place for me.

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Kendall testimonial

Kendall S

The DMA has a great range of classes. We focus on technique and becoming a "mental warrior", as Miss Krissie says. This means that we are good dancers in our technique and also we are strong-minded. We don't let things come into our heads at performances. We stay calm and strong.

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Sophie pritikin testimonial

Sophie P

The girls at DMA are so kind and always include everyone in conversations. They are happy to help everyone. These girls are great dancers and motivate me to help others. I always feel delighted to dance with my peers and am grateful to have them in my life.

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Elizabeth and Melina N

The teacher/student connection and relationship is the most important criteria when it comes to learning and also trying new things. With trust, love and support I feel children can achieve beyond expectation. The DMA gives that to Melina and every other dancer that walks through the door.

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Olivia G.

I've been dancing at DMA for nine years now. My company group is special because we've been together so long. Most of us have been friends since we were three and I'm 12 now. They're like my 9 other sisters. I've got a family no other girl or boy will ever truly understand. And if one of us has had a bad day, it immediately turns to a good one with my company class.

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Img 2318-3086362888-l

Maria G.

Something that I really love about dancing at DMA is that it has such a great environment. The DMA has had such a huge impact on my life, and I don't know what I would be doing without it.

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Megan sullivan, age 13, dance and music academy (1)

Megan S.

The teachers only want the best for you. They are always there for you and I trust them so much. They provide you with the tools you need so that you can continue dancing for the rest of your life.

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Lauren S.

The DMA is my home away from home.

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Macala B.

People say that writing in cursive can help a person become more successful in life. I think that taking DMA dance classes can help a person be more successful in life.

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Ashley R.

"Come and try a class! I promise that you will learn something new, make new friends, and most importantly have fun!"

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Maura H.

"I have been at other studios before, and they made me feel like dance was ... an uncomfortable thing, but DMA makes me feel like dance is a part of me and I am a part of dance."

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