Kendall S

The DMA has a great range of classes. We focus on technique and becoming a "mental warrior", as Miss Krissie says. This means that we are good dancers in our technique and also we are strong-minded. We don't let things come into our heads at performances. We stay calm and strong.

There are many things I have learned by being a DMA dancer. You have to accept challenges to get good at anything. That means taking risks and going for it. Also, I have learned that effort doesn't always win. You may do amazing at a competition and still not win! This one was hard for me. But, I now realize that as long as my teachers are happy with my performance and I know that I learned something and grew stronger, that is really winning.

The most importatnt thing I have learned at the DMA is trying hard gets you far in life. It is also very enjoyable when you succeed. I love the DMA and all of the people there!