Macala B.

Let's get to the point: I know I am a dancer becuase dancing makes me feel  like I am a shooting star racing across the sky. When I dance, I feel like I am racing with a ll the other stars around me; but not racing with them to the finish line; I am racing with them to the starting line of life. 

I started danceing at DMA with I was three years old. It has helped me accomplish so many goals I wouldn't have met if I didn't dance at DMA. For example, this year I strived to do my best and receive my pointe shoes. I did all of the stretches and exercises I could on my own to help me finally get them. 

DMA has taught me good sportsmanship throughout other acitivites as well. At DMA, we learn to work as a team. I can better acdept criticisms from my teachers as well as my peers taht help me as a dancer-all because of DMA.