Olivia G.

I love to dance. I know it's in my blood, and I was born to be on stage. My grandma was a dancer and my mom danced at DMA. I was (it's a fact) dancing in my mom's belly because she danced at DMA when she was pregnant with me. Dance gives me a second language. It's so fun and once you master a move, it's a great feeling. When I'm backstage, instead of stage fright, I get a gut feeling that this, this is what I want to do the rest of my life. I've been dancing at DMA for nine years. My company group is special because we've been together so long. Most of us have been friends since we were three and I'm 12 now. They're like my 9 other sisters. I've got a family no other girl or boy will ever truly understand. And if one of us has had a bad day, it immediately turns to a good one with the Wednesday Grande. I also love the teachers. They are so nice and encouraging, so they can have fun but still teach you something. Miss Krissie is an inspiration and pushes us to be the best. She has been my teacher every year since I was a toddler so she knows me inside and out. I've learned to Dare To Be Different. I may be the only dancer in my class at school, but that's okay. I’m unique. I'm inspired by the quote, "There are two kinds of people in the world, you and everyone else." Because that's just the way I am.