Sophie P

What do you imagine when you think of the word "ballerina"? Usually, a dancer is wearing agorgeous leotard dripping with jewels and a pancake tutu. She shows off her pale pink pointe shoes laced up perfectly with silky ribbons. She moves gracesfully and dramatically.

I know there is much more hard work and dedication to the art of ballet than the image descirbed above. Dance is not just about how pretty you look on the outside, it is about making a connection with the audience, expression, and technique. All of these things I am learning at the DMA.

I love dancing at theDMA. The environment is so positive and reinforcing. I admire my dance insructors and they are my role models. They give me compliments, which makes me more confident in my skills, and they give me constructive cirticism. This helps me become more aware of my form.

My teachers also inspire me to work harder. They pay attention to everyone and do their best to help us grow as people and as dancers. I don't mind when my instructors challenge me because I know it is to help me improve. The teachers at DMA give us inspiring pep talks and advice, which I use when I dance. They help me shine on the stage and offstage too.

The girls at DMA are so kind and always include everyone in conversations. I never felt hesitant to ask a question if I had one. They are happy to help everyone. These girls are great dancers and motivate me to help others. I always feel delighted to dance with my peers and am grateful to have them in my life.