Trifecta Dance Collective

We are proud announce the Trifecta Dance Collective, the Dance and Music Academy’s (DMA) premiere professional contemporary dance company!

The Trifecta Dance Collective will enrich the community experience in the Chicagoland area and beyond through the arts.

It will do this by using the Trifecta:

Engage: Each performance will engage audience members to interact with one another and within their communities.
Empower: We hope to open communication channels and empower community members to positively enhance their surroundings.
Expand: The ripple effect of the positive support will grow and engulf others, creating a wave of positivity, compassion, and action toward the greater good of the community.

The Trifecta Dance Collective was designed specifically with the DMA student body in mind.

The company will give DMA dancers the opportunity to train and perform with professional dancers. The advanced high school students will have the chance to intern with the company and learn invaluable artistic and marketing skills. The DMA dancers will be able to seamlessly funnel through training with Trifecta into professional world.